If government comes with council, what would be the status of OCI, people who have registered with OCI?

Optometry Council of India (OCI) is a self – regulatory body for Optometrists. As Optometrists we need to unite and be self – regulated. This would enable the government support the activities and recognize the profession of Optometry. In the Memorandum of Association of Optometry Council of India the following has been mentioned:

Clause No: 24. To liaise with the Government of India and Ministries and officials of the
Government of India to seek recognition for a statutory body, preferably by the name of “OPTOMETRY COUNCIL OF INDIA” and to work towards constituting a statutory body with the aims, objectives and functions of the Company.

OCI will lobby with the government in forming a council for Optometry and for Optometry to be an independent profession. The above statement in the MOA means: once the government forms a statutory body, such as a council for optometry, OCI will cease to exist and will be handed over to the government.