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Objectives of OCI

To create a national register of professional optometrists via individual registrations

1. Development and Implementation of a standard national curriculum for optometry

2. Development and Implementation of optometry school accreditation document and lobbying with accreditation bodied like NABH and

3. Development and Implementation of “Best Practice Standards” and popularize comprehensive eye examination to practitioners

4. Promotion of Indian optometry among national and international organization's

5. Task force to look at a pathway to upgrade existing diploma holders.

Vision & Mission

VISION: Assuring excellence in optometry education & equitable eyecare for India.

MISSION: The Optometry Council of India (OCI) is a professional regulatory body with the responsibility of establishing & maintaining high standards of optometry education & recognition of optometry qualifications in India. It registers optometrists in order to maintain quality, and provide equitable & accountable eye care services for the people of India.


Quality eye care
Cost effective eye care
Ensure delivery of quality education in optometry colleges
Provide adequate optometry work force
Develop skilled optometry work force

How does the Optometry Council of India bring benefit to the profession of Optometry?

Optometry Council of India benefits the profession of Optometry by:

1. Setting uniform standards

2. Regulating the profession

3. Enhancing placement opportunities for registered optometrists

4. Offering CE credits by accrediting CE programs so that professionals acquire current knowledge.

5. Register qualified optometrists and maintain a register of optometrists.

Duties of Eye Care Practitioners

Public Sector

The duties of Eye Care Practitioners in Public sector are governed by the duty charter issued by the government. The view the duty charter details received by us, please click here. This duty charter is yet to be notified.

Private Sector

The duties of Eye Care Practitioners in Private sector are in the process of being finalized.

Scope of Practice